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Situational Spirit Guidance

If they were to come to me…and ask a question – I’m not sure what I would say – 

But it hurts me to know that I don’t have the specific right answers – because…why would that be a thing that I am asked a question that I obviously don’t know – and neither of  us are better off from that discussion. 

I’d like to say that I know exactly what others might approach me for – but that’s almost unreasonable, and I would like for that to change. 

In situations such as this…you might look to the Greek gods and Sumerian spirits for help. 


Blaming others does not help anything…but it additionally does nothing good –

When you amp up your fears and doubts about everyone and everything, and then suddenly everyone is wrong except you. 

And yet – you know that they’re deflecting and trying to avoid the issues…and that’s just maddening and depressing at the same damn time. 

They don’t see that their thoughts and actions seriously hurt others…or else they simply don’t care, and that’s a far deeper issue altogether – and this needs to change or else just stop altogether. 

When this comes up – perhaps a few demon powers and some Egyptian gods can help you out. 


The situations where they seriously just mess with everyone…

And obviously that cannot be alright – nor okay – because we all have our personal rights to life liberty and happiness in a very stupidly different way –

But that’s only an assumption considering that we don’t really know or understand what others really mean by their comments and actions sometimes. 

Being confusing is not a positively good and constructive thing – and I would just like to say that everyone can piss off with trying to get away with small and…just mischievous bad shit on occasion –

And it’s clear that no one wants to deal with that crap, because it’s wrong – and we know something should be done about it, but it’s almost never clear regarding what we need to do. 

When you’d like to change things for the better…you might look to the angels for their powers and the djinn spirits for how they might be able to help you.  


Those moments where we know we have screwed everything up to the point that our lives and personal emotions just don’t make any more sense –

I just want to stare up at the sky and wonder, but also ask why everything just makes sense…

Because it has to be a thing that our lives unravel and our worlds just combust into an inferno of nasty thoughts and actions. 

Some of us want to survive the catastrophe when it comes around, and none of that really makes any difference…with our lives and emotions on the line, far too obscurely to measure or evaluate what’s really going on –

People might want to sing their lying praises – that life is perfectly fine, but you and I have to keep in mind that we always kind of obviously know when others and ourselves are not telling the truth…

It just doesn’t make sense to live within a massive and horrifying lie, when life could be so much simpler and robust the entire time – yet so many people just want to take the easier route and just act like everything is fine…thereby destroying any chances of happiness that they have. 

This can make for a very confusing and complex situation, but perhaps some Sumerian spirits and some djinn help might help align things for the better. 


Even if the weather was fine, and our days were better than good –

You know the few people in your life (hopefully you don’t have too many of these folks) who openly embrace and dwell in negativity…

Literally don’t have anything good to say, nor anything positive to report on…pretty much ever. 

And that’s a big and beyond ridiculous problem at times – because we obviously don’t have to deal with these people, but often we are thrust into situations where we have to deal with them a little bit, and that cannot be an impossible challenge for us to come across –

It just is not right for them to think that they can boss others around – not even necessarily us, but seeing that crap is enough to set anyone off – and we’re not talking about simple or easy situations to deal with here. 

I would like to say that I know what to do even after I’ve thought about it for some time, but it just isn’t too simple – nor easy to come up with a viable and practical solution…

…when your world is falling apart and you know  you can’t look to others for support or guidance –

Maybe some change is in order…possibly with help from the Norse gods and Egyptian spirits

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