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Soul Discovery Through The Demons

Understanding yourself and your spirit can be one of the most illuminating and enlightening things you ever bring yourself to explore and discover.

Sometimes we just need a little extra push and nudge in the right direction and nothing comes closer than understand and fully assimilating who you are through the spirits that dominate each of the calendar months – through their attributes we can learn about how the gods and spirits affect us, thereby allowing us a deeper look at our personalities, our lives in general and who we are as a collective people.

Nothing gets farther from the truth than thinking that daily life is just routine without meaning, because it always has to have meaning, and we just have to pull ourselves out of that trance and almost delusion that life is just work, personal life – without any higher purpose to pull out of everything.

If you want to dig deeper, than you can use these spirits and this small guide to help your personal exploration into the deepest trenches of your life, soul and spiritual journey as a whole.


Everything feels weird and out of place for a reason, but that does not mean that we can’t pursue greater ideals through conscious applied and focused efforts.

If you want to reach the next level, nothing is holding you back – and you already knew that, but something about your life so far tells you and lets you know that the world needs to be very different, and it starts with you understanding yourself and waking up to the real and true reality – which is technically right in front of your face.

Sometimes we just need a jump start in the right direction, and obviously we embrace peace and harmony on a regular basis – but life can’t always be balanced and justified, because we know external forces pull us away from our goals, visions and just everything we’re set out to achieve.

Meditate on the names of Naberius and Phenex to open your mind and soul to whatever needs to come your way.

Explore the demons and their ruling powers here – Demons and their powers


You want the world to be different, and it feels very off balance and just…not very good a lot more than you’re willing to admit – and that not acceptable nor a good thing.

If we wanted the world to be different – as in ideally better kind of different – then others need to wake up and help out, because we know we cannot do this alone, and that’s both troubling and very frustrating.

Others might help, but we wish they would help more, and that’s some messed up stuff that no one cares enough to enact and create deep meaningful change – but we can do that with a bit of guidance and personal volition and movement in the right directions.

Once you understand that you don’t have to go this journey alone, you will see that everything just falls into place very differently – and you don’t have to dwell on the negative in order to see the light and positive in almost every situation.

Meditate on the names of Raum and Shaz to bring your consciousness and focus to the right things when you’re most in need.

Explore the demons and their ruling powers here – Demons and their powers


Bringing ourselves and others to the next level of awakening can be a very fun or hideous experience…but it doesn’t always have to tax our patience and willingness to guide and help others.

This is not about trying to be better people for the sake of change – but we want everyone to know and feel, and understand that change has to happen purposefully in order to ascend and move forward in the right directions. If nothing else happens we might feel and actually literally be spiritually and physically stuck, and that just cannot happen.

For those around us – they can literally do whatever they want within reason, because we cannot easily measure out their lives and actions – because we also know that everyone is responsible for their own lives, equally and independently, but we can also help others out as needed over time.

This is not about trying to be better for the sake of material reward, but about being the best of ourselves because that’s all that really makes sense to do.

Meditate on the names of Vual and Furcas to understand how to enact great change without a lot of effort immediately and over time.

Explore the demons and their ruling powers here – Demons and their powers


If the world has to change and we need to be part of it – that’s just a good thing, because we can passively and directly help make things a lot better over time.

Nothing will get in the way of truth, and personal exploration – namely of our own evolutions over time, because that does and doesn’t matter, and none of that really makes sense, ever.

Because we know that life has very great and deep meaning that few others really reflect on and dive deeply into, and that sucks but only for those who choose not to be awake and aware of what’s going on in the world and their own mind and lives in general.

We’re not here to change others who want to stay and do as they please, but we are open and willing to help those who are eager and hungry for growth, change and deeply personal insights going forward.

Meditate on the names of Murmur and Ose to guide yourself and others close to you to greater insights and deeply intimate understanding of the world and our spiritual lives as a whole.

Explore the demons and their ruling powers here – Demons and their powers


We desire and need change in ways that can’t sometimes be easily satisfied.

But that is also our lesson and life driven pursuit – very differently, to find what is most meaningful to us and others, and to understand others through very deeply held and powerful lessons that brings us and others into awakening and spiritual understanding through interesting and very deeply devastating situations and emotions.

Nothing about life has to be so difficult, but it has to be dealt with in a meaningful and peaceful way where hopefully no one gets hurt – but we all deal with our personal and societal wide challenges in a meaningful and purposeful way, and that can be a small problem when others interfere with our work and attempt to passively and directly sabotage what we have going for ourselves.

That is when we have to take a step back and reflect very carefully about our lives and what’s going on in the world – because if it’s any different, than we know that our lives are possibly off track and everything just needs to realign in unique but carefully thought out ways.

Meditate on the names of Vapula and Valac to bring yourself to clearer life and personal understanding while guiding others to figure out their own stuff at the right times.

Explore the demons and their ruling powers here – Demons and their powers


If life has to change and become a better version, then we are ready and willing – but others won’t be able to stop us, no matter how crazy and intense their lives and personal problems get in our way.

It’s simply not possible to change who we are and how we think in life in general – because we embrace the positive challenges in life, which is pretty much everything difficult and hard, because we know it always leads to something bigger and better.

Often we just need to take things a little slower to feel into those very quiet and subtle lessons that others almost completely miss out on, and that can’t ever be us, because sooner or later we will know what’s holding us back and nothing will ever be the same ever again – but in a vastly better and growth oriented way that helps everyone involved.

If you can imagine a better way to live life, and you’re not doing it – then you need to create a stronger way of thinking in general, but only if you’re willing to fully commit to reaching that next level.

Meditate on the names of Amduscias and Decarabia to expand your vision of your life, and guide others who can help you so that everyone’s situation turns out much better and stronger than anyone could have imagined.

Explore the demons and their ruling powers here – Demons and their powers


When nothing in life feels right, but we know that our enemies represent our deeply subconscious internal problems – sometimes we just need to sit and think about how things got to be the way that they are, and decide to change everything in that little instant.

We just know that life has to have more meaning, but as long as negativity from ourselves and others exists – that we are pretty much off track for the long run, and that can seriously suck, because no one really wants to go that deep with personal problems – even as it relates to others, and that can be a major problem.

Even though we know we can’t easily change others, we have to embrace our problems and allow those lessons to permeate our lives and others in a very uniquely particular way that drives away the bad and attracts the good – as long as we are on track with our minds, lives and personal emotions in general.

Once all the pieces are in place, nothing will really hold us back from truly and successfully knowing who we truly are and where we need to be.

Meditate on the names of Marbas and Barbatos to understanding how to resolve and transcend your deepest life problems while pushing yourself and goals to a much higher level.

Explore the demons and their ruling powers here – Demons and their powers


In situations where the world feels flat and nothing really feels or appears to be working right, we just need to open our understanding of what’s really going on – then examine what we’ve done wrong to be in a situation like that.

Sometimes this is just a simple mental and physical fix, because we know we might have messed up in certain small and large ways, but it definitely does not need to stay like that. We already know that our lives are what we make of it, but when the challenges amplify and our worlds we empty and very odd – then we need to make a lot of smaller adjustments to make everything right again, and not everyone around us is remotely willing to go that direction. But that has to be fine, for them – and now we know who to remove from our lives.

Only the weakest people around us really tell us what’s going on in our own lives, because they are a reflection of our worst qualities – and it gets crazier and deeper when we look back at all the negative moments and see similarly bad people lingering all around.

It doesn’t have to be a lingering massive problem, and we sometimes make it into that, but others times we own up to taking control and managing our lives better, and that’s when everything almost mysteriously works itself out for the better.

Mediate on the names of Agares and Gusion to directly take back control of your life without any confusion and frustrations that might others prevent you from understanding things directly and immediately.

Explore the demons and their ruling powers here – Demons and their powers


Bring your spiritual awareness to the right level where life doesn’t have excessively negative and horrific moments can be exactly what we need – but don’t immediately seek out.

That’s only a problem if we forsake our evolution and growth for wanting short term immediately gratification and rewards for stuff that we technically have completely earned yet, and that’s where others might fall – but we want the full and complete goal satisfied, and not just a piece of it…almost ever.

If you seriously want to bring your life into higher fulfillment and happiness in general, then you need to embrace higher expectations, goals and just better thoughts, beliefs and ideas in general – and that comes either through a mid life crisis, or ascension period where everything literally takes off for you.

We cannot continue with old rutted and false ideas and thoughts that literally never work out, and it has to be a thing that the world gets better because we’re adding positivity and good things to everything we are part of. Or else…it just can’t be any other way, and that is literally weak thinking to consider a negative world and reality that we have to be part of.

Meditate on the names of Bael and Zepar to completely understand your spiritual and life paths in a way that brings you totally and fully into the next level of existence and your life (hopefully bypassing and avoiding any life crisis – mid or late – completely and without any problems).

Explore the demons and their ruling powers here – Demons and their powers


When life gets rough, but we know that we’re basically not doing anything bad or wrong – that tends to be a time of taking everything much slower, and thinking over all our major actions for the recent past.

Nothing about this period and experience has to be rough or difficult, and we can fix and resolve whatever we need through dealing with mistakes and problems early on, but that almost cannot happen unless we acknowledge that life needs to be better and dramatically different – and that can happen as long as we aren’t shying away from everything that needs to be dealt with immediately.

We aren’t into any projects for the short term, and we really want lasting meaning and value from everything that we need, but that almost cannot happen if we embrace negative and false ideas, beliefs and people around us – because we know that it can easily all explode and crumble, if we are managing everything but don’t look out for the smaller details that can cause massively disastrous problems later.

Meditate on the names of Aim and Foras to help guide you past current life idleness, problems and issues that can seriously and possibly derail your life path and purpose going into the near and far future.

Explore the demons and their ruling powers here – Demons and their powers


We cannot allow any challenges to overwhelm us, and others around us might appear to mildly influence us – but we know what we belief, and if something doesn’t feel right, we don’t go for anything that doesn’t make sense.

This might be common sense for us, but others might not think so differently about their lives and situations, and that can be a very different problem when we realize that confusion and conflict might only exist if we allow certain circumstances and people into our lives – and that can be a very intense and deep moment for us later when we realize we could have prevented all the hardship that came our way, but we allowed a foreseeable accident to happen.

Other times we just need to stop all the silliness, and reject bad stuff when it comes around the corner – because it can get seriously bad, and no one wants to deal with stupidly aggravating problems that honestly shouldn’t be a thing – but they linger around, and that’s where we have to step up and just take back control of our lives and people who affect us directly and indirectly.

When it gets out of hand, you know that you’re off track, and that can be a wildly rough moment – but emotions can be contained and our mental lives can feel like disaster. But we still can’t let those lingering problems affect us long term, and that simply cannot be a problem going into the future.

Meditate on the names of Purson and Ipos to gradually but quickly bring your mental and emotional life back on track so that problems can be remedied sooner rather than after they become larger issues.

Explore the demons and their ruling powers here – Demons and their powers


Life can get heated and emotions can get out of hand for too many people – and we feel that happen and it never feels very good.

But if you gain more control of your perception of how things develop, and maintain your emotions a little better and differently, then you will understand and just know that nothing is too far out of reach – with even our mental lives and physical goals never really being a problem, but we might think they are – and that’s part of what holds us back.

If you think that something unknown, or indirectly is pressing you away from your goals – then you might need to restructure the way that you look at everything. This way you might see better and more practical ways to resolve things that aren’t even problems, but they can easily become problems and larger nastier predicaments if you aren’t careful with your thinking, decisions and life in general.

Everything about these situations and life circumstances can be easily changed with the right emotions and thinking, and you just have to do a few small mental and perceptual tweaks to bring everything back on track.

Meditate on the names of Sitri and Eligos to realign your life to where you need to be, mentally and with your vision set to help you avoid all drastic and cumbersome problems – so that everything simply and merely turns out better than you could have expected.

Explore the demons and their ruling powers here – Demons and their powers


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